Sat 8 December 2012 @ 10:00

411 Galloway, Meyerton

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1. Old South African Railway Memorabilia (SAS/SAR):  old Train number plates, Vintage Railway signs, Signals, Guard, Side and Carbude lamps, SAR Chairs, White men only sign, Books, magazines and manuals, SAR Cutlery, Train, compartment and electric unit keys,  Durban station clock, Station bells, train pictures, Station Master badges, SAR buttons, oil cans and much much more

2. Model Trains, old tracks and transformers: Fleishmann, Hornby, Mammod and much more

3. Vintage Display Cabinets, Sweets Cabinet, Shop Cabinets and a very beautiful shop counterTin Toys

4. Coca-Cola Fridge, very old tray and other Coca-Cola  items

5. Tin toys: Tukboat, Army Jeep and Tank, Trains and more

6. Enamel signs and other advertising signs: Black cat ect.

7. Suzuki 100 Motorbike

8. Bicycle with carriers for babies

9. Doll furniture

10. Anvil

11. Emco-Unimat SL Lathe for watches

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