Terms & Conditions


1. The highest accepted bidder shall be the Purchaser immediately the lot/s have been knocked down to him/her. Should any dispute arise between two or more bidders, the Auctioneer at his sole discretion will put up the lot that is in dispute, again, and he will declare the Purchaser. The Auctioneer’s decision in all cases is final. All goods are sold Voetstoots as found.

2. The Auctioneer does not hold himself responsible for any errors of description and a bid shall be taken as proof that the bidder has made himself/herself acquainted with the lot/s for which he/she bids.

3. TERMS: Cash. All accounts must be settled immediately at the conclusion of today’s sale. Ownership of the goods sold vest at all times in the Auctioneers principal until payment in full has been made. Cheques tendered will not be accepted as cash until cleared by the Bank. NB: NEW BUYERS be advised that if you have not purchased from Oudewerf Auctioneers CC before this auction sale, please make timeous arrangements for payment prior to the commencement of the auction, this will assist and avoid delays as cheques must be cleared before purchases are released. VISA, Master Cards & American Express are accepted forms of payment.

4. The Auctioneer’s Vendu Roll is Final. No dispute will be taken into consideration as to the correctness of the same.

5. The Auctioneer reserves the right of regulating the bidding. The Auctioneer reserves the right of withdrawing or adding to any lot/s to the merchandise for sale on auction.

6. All lots knocked down to remain at the risk of the Purchaser.

7. The removal of movables is at the Purchaser’s risk and cost.

8. Information List Descriptions – any representations made or statements by Oudewerf Auctioneers CC or their staff as to authorship, origin, date, age, attribution, genuineness, provenance, condition or estimated selling price of any lot’s, is purely a statement of opinion only. In addition, lots may be of any age, condition and nature, which could preclude the lot/s to be in pristine condition and some descriptions in the catalogue may make reference to damage and/or restoration to the article. Such information is voluntarily given for guidance only and the absence of such reference in the catalogue
does not imply the absence of any faults. Purchasers must thoroughly satisfy themselves by prior inspection as to condition and state of the lot/s, before the date of the auction, ie. At the auction viewing days.

9. Telephone bids – The telephone Purchaser will be required to make prior arrangements of at least 36 hours before the commencement of the auction sale, by of a letter or a facsimile of his/her intention to participate and to bid on the auction sale. NB: Acceptance of telephone bids is subject to the availability of sufficient telephone lines. Oudewerf Auctioneers CC will not be held responsible for the lack of clear instructions, losses arising from missed bids or omissions to the telephone clerk/s.

10. A Buyers Premium of 12.5%  will be levied on all purchases made. Oudewerf Auctioneers CC reserve the right to charge interest on all outstanding accounts, over a period of more than seven days, together with storage and removal charges where applicable, if the Purchaser has made no prior arrangements with Oudewerf Auctioneers CC.

11. VALUE ADDED TAX – There is no VAT on the hammer price, except when indicated by the Auctioneer.

12. Patrons are requested to check the Salesroom notices, as these supersede the Information List descriptions.

13. Shipping and collection by Agents – If an agent or carrier is instructed to collect on behalf of a Buyer and cannot produce the necessary correct paperwork, including written authority from the Buyer then Oudewerf Auctioneers CC will not release the Purchaser’s property to the agent.

14. NB: In order to save time the prospective Purchasers are requested to PLEASE view and examine the numbered auction lots; as per the catalogue on the viewing days and well before the auction sale. Please note that Oudewerf Auctioneers CC will not present or display any of the lots once the auction sale has commenced.

15. We request that cell phones are switched off or placed on silent mode, during the duration of the auction, in order as not to disrupt the proceedings.

16. PLEASE NOTE: These Conditions will be legally enforced if necessary.

17. Merchandise/furniture purchased for cash will only be delivered after the auction.

18. No goods may be removed until paid for in full. All Cheques must be cleared before removal of goods.

19. Storage will be charged per day on items that haven’t been collected in the next week after the auction.We cannot take responsibility for any loss or damage on your items.

20. All goods are sold “voetstoots”

21. A R1 000 deposit will be required before a Purchase number is issued