Instructions to participate in the online auction

Instructions to participate in Oudewerf Auctioneer’s Online Auction


Step 1: Create an account

To create an account, click on My Account on the top right of the screen in the menu bar.

Use the Register form and complete your details:

Once you have registered you will be logged in and you are ready to place some bids.

Step 2: Find the items you want to place bids on

In the menu you will find an option: Live Auctions. Click on this to view all the items. From the homepage you can also search for the item you are interested in or use the item number to find it:

Step 3: Placing bids

Once you have found the item you want to bid on you can use the price block and Custom Bid button to place a bid:

Once your bid has been placed and you clicked Custom bid you will see the notification at the top that it has either been accepted or not:

You can review the bids at the bottom of each product page to see the history of the bids placed:

To ask questions about products use the private message function. This will send us an email and we will reply:

NB: Proxy bidding (Maximum bids)

If you are not able to watch the auction in real-time you have the option to place your maximum price in the bid and have our system place bids for you should anyone outbid, you on the current price. For example, this current product is on R2 currently. The next increment of a bid is on R12. I want to pay maximum R100 for this product:

Once I click on Custom Bid the next price would be R12 which will be my bid:

You can also see this in the Total Bids Placed at the bottom of the page:

If another person wants to place the next bid at R22 (which is the R10 increment for each product) my bid will automatically outbid this person because my maximum is R100. When the person enters a bid for R22 he will see that he has already been outbid which means your bid for R32 has been placed automatically for you:

This is also visible in the Total Bids Placed at the bottom of the page. The other user will see there is an Auto-bid – and he will know that there is a higher bid than his:

Should the person bid on R42 for the next bid the same will happen until your maximum has either been passed or the other person stops bidding but your bid will be top until someone bids higher.

When a user enters a higher maximum bid that you the system will take the lower of the two as the next bid and the higher maximum bid will have the next increment as his bid:

In this case Mr CJ Barnard offered a maximum of R150 for the product so the previous Maximum of R100 has been overtaken.

All outbidding will send you email notifications so that you are aware of the bids.

Please contact us if anything is unclear.

NB: Time Extensions on last-minute bids

We have added a system to discourage ‘Last-minute bids’ and make it fair for all participants. Should a bid come in with less than 2 minutes remaining, the system will extend the auction for another 2 minutes from the last bid. This will happen each time a bid is entered with less than 2 minutes from the closing time up until such time that there are no more bids within the last 2 minutes.

Please understand that we want to give each of our participants a fair opportunity to get their bids in, as this is an online auction and one cannot physically raise your hand to bid as we usually do at our physical auctions.

Step 4: Using the watchlist

If you want to keep track of items without placing bids yet, use the Add to watchlist option:

To view your watchlist navigate to the My Account tab in the menu and look for Auctions in the page and use the Watchlist tab to view a list:

Step 5: When you have a winning bid

When the auction closes you will see that you can no longer enter bids. There will be a Pay Now option. 

It is NOT required to pay immediately. We will send you final invoices via our Flexi Auction billing system.

If you do press pay now you can send us the ‘order’ and this will send you a copy as well if you want to keep record of this. Please note that the buyers commission is NOT added on the website but will be added when our billing system sends you the invoices.

To order complete this form and press place order:

After pressing place order you will get a summary of the order and it will be emailed to you:

You can also review orders in My Account under the Orders option:

Step 5: Monitoring your bids

If you want to see where you are with your bids you can review the Auctions tab under My Account.

Bids Active would be where you are leading the bids.

Bids Won are items that closed, and you won the bid.

Bids Lost is where you have been outbid.